Junior Pre -K

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Older 3 year olds

Three years of age is a child's time for endless curiosity and wonder. That's why at Champions Academy our teachers get to know each child's strength and turn those interests into a learning experience.

In addition to our small group centers we use our love and logic philosophy to expose your child to our early childhood curriculum in Junior Pre-K program. This forms the best all around learning experience, combining mind, body and emotions.

“My daughter loves Champions Academy and Childcare and it’s Staff. She feels like they are part of her family! Hands down Champions Childcare is a loving, and educational atmosphere!”
Magnolia, Tx

Our Junior Pre-K classrooms are arranged to include:

  • Large open spaces for play
  • Circle time for hands on learning about their world
  • Learning centers for art, science, literacy and math
  • Counting materials, computers
  • Puzzles, games, books
  • Imaginary play

Our teachers have circle time every day to go over days of the month, weather, letters and the sounds associated with them, along with numbers, colors, and shapes.

Our teachers also engage the students in sign language, and spanish to enhance their language skills.

Our preschool program focuses on an accelerated reading and writing program. With emphasis in science, math, and history. Our preschool programs gets the children ready for their kindergarten experience.

Champions Curriculum includes:

  • small group actives planned throughout the day for each child.
  • reading and writing actives, that focus on handwriting, and recognizing letter, and numbers.
  • social development with peers and teachers
  • daily physical activities: which includes gymnastics, dance, and creative play

Champions Advanced Approach

Each day your child is learning and experiencing many activities. With each learning experience we work to have the students make good choices and have fun!

Our acclaimed curriculum and preschool program has learning stations throughout the day to enhance their educational experience!

We focus on:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Sign Language
  • Social Skills
  • Movement
  • Listening skills

The Champions Play for an “A” for Junior Pre-Kindergarten

Play for an “A” mission is to teach children about sports,physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle in a fun and positive atmosphere that will allow them to build their skills and their love for sports and physical activity. Your toddler will experience all of this in a 10,000 square foot a/c indoor activity space.

In our “Play for an A” Program we focus on major motor skills to help with balance, and coordination, along with themed weeks to educate your child about their physical needs and living a healthy lifestyle. Click on the word newsletter to see an example of the themes for each of the months.

Each day your child will spend 45 minutes in their daily PA class. Each day will be focused on different actives. For example, tumbling, sports, soccer, yoga, jumping, balancing, parachute, and team work.

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